Paragliding Luzern Switzerland

We do Tandem Flights in the areas of Lucerne, Zurich and Engelberg.
Fly with us through the beautiful foothills of the Alps.
CAP Paragliding is an international team of pilots with a lot of flying experience in Switzerland and around the World.

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Tandem Flights

For everyone and for every occasion we offer a personalized flight to give you the most fantastic experience of your life.
Are you a beginner? Did you already make a flight? Are you not sure? Don't worry!
We will make you feel very comfortable and happy flying with us.
We speak English, German and Spanish.


Fly over a beautiful landscape of the Swiss Alps in the Lake Lucerne region, certainly one of the most incredible areas of Switzerland!
First we meet down the mointain.Together we then go up for approx. 30 minutes (cable car and short walk) to reach the flight starting point.Finally, after a fantastic flying experience of about 10-20 minutes, we land in the valley of the meeting point..


We will fly over mountains and valleys enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the Swiss Alps in the Lake Lucerne region.

We will meet at a previously agreed meeting point, we will board the cable car to get to the takeoff place.

After a fantastic flight experience of approximately 20-30 minutes, we will land in the valley.
Taking off from a predetermined place, we will fly over several montanins and valleys observing unique landscapes, which are obtained by the height at which we fly.

TOPFLY / CHF 280.00

Top Fly will give you the opportunity to fly like a bird and see a combination of fantastic views of the beautiful landscape between mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes.
We will meet at a meeting point, previously agreed, at the base of the mountain we will take the cable car. We will climb for approx. 30 minutes (cable car and short walk) to get to the starting point of the flight.

After a unique flight experience of about 30 to 40 minutes (depending on the thermal condition) we will land in the valley.

Depending on the weather conditions, the flight will take place in one of the Top Fly locations:
* Top Fly Pilatus,
* Top Fly Engelberg,
* Top Fly Niederbauen.

We will look for thermal (rising air) during the flight, which will allow us to live the adventure of rising in the air. After a fantastic flight experience we will land in the landing place for Paragliding.
We will take off from the summit and fly over the edge of the mountain using thermal currents, at an approximate height of 2300 meters with spectacular views of the lake of the four cantons and the Lucerne region.
The flight duration is approximately 30 to 40 minutes. The route is about 8 km and we will land in the town.


We will take photos and videos during the flight. After landing you get the photos/videos on your Smartphone or USB.

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Good to Know

No previous knowledge is required. All you need is a sense of adventure.
The passenger should wear sports shoes and appropriate clothing (according to the season of the year).
Furthermore passengers must weight between 30 – 100 Kg. (65-220 lb.). Therefore persons over this weight may only fly after clearance with us.

Take off & Landing:
First run a couple of steps, together with your pilot, down a gentle slope. The glider fills with air and therefore carries you and your pilot smoothly into the air.
Finally, just before landing, you get into an upright position and then land gently on your feet.




CAP Paragliding is SHV certified and hence recognized by the Swiss Government (BAZL).

Our top priorities are safety, trust and therefore the well-being of our guests.

Let us offer you an unforgettable, enjoyable and safe flight experience.

Flight Spots

Our amazing flying spots in the Lake Lucerne region.
At CAP Paragliding we fly all over breathtaking flying spots in the Lake Lucerne region, one of the most beautiful areas of Switzerland!
Come and enjoy a unique experience, which you will never forget!

Brunni & Führenalp (Engelberg)

This mountain range in central Switzerland, in the Lake Lucerne region,
approximately 1:10 hours drive from the city of Zurich, 55 minutes from the city of Zug, and 35 minutes from the city of Lucerne,
consists of three main mountains:
The popular Mount Titlis to the south, at 3,238m, and the Brunni and Rotstock mountains to the north, reaching 2,800m.

In central Switzerland, is an area known for its countless winter sports activities and for paragliding, Tandem Paragliding, throughout the year.

Büelen & Brädlen (Engelbergtal)

These mountains are for the true nature lovers.

This area is located in a lush valley with dense wooded areas and it has very interesting vegetation.

It is famous for fantastic weather conditions for tandem paragliding all year round.

Niederbauenberg (Emetten)

Want to discover this region like a local

The Niederbauen is a unique starting point (Niederbau-Chulm) for paragliding flights in the most beautiful flight area of Central Switzerland.

The viewpoint at 1,575 m and the starting point is reachable by a 'local's secret' cable car.

Mount Pilatus (Luzern)

Mount Pilatus is a massif mountain in Central Switzerland located south of Lucerne.

The highest point at 2,128 m is the Tomlishorn.

It has a unique view of the city and lake (Vierwaldstättersee) of Lucerne.

Zugerberg (Zug)

Zugerberg, a mountain at 1039 meters above sea level
with a beautiful view of the city of Zug, Lake Zug, located between the lakes Zuger and Ägerisee,
offers a natural oasis of relaxation with very beautiful landscapes.

It is one of the selected places to fly paragliding in Central Switzerland.

Rigi (Kulm)

In central Switzerland, Rigi, the Queen of the Mountains,
located between the lakes of Lucerne, Lake Zug and Lake Lauerzersee.
It has 360 degree panoramic views of the lakes, the Alps and the Black Forest.

The meeting place to start the tandem paragliding activity is located in Rigi Goldau,
approximately 40 minutes from Zurich, 30 minutes from Lucerne and 30 from Zug.

Uetliberg (Zürich)

Uetliberg at 870 m above sea level, it offers a panoramic view of the city of Zurich and its surroundings. To reach the summit it takes about 35-45 minutes by train and 1h40 on foot. A great place to experience tandem paragliding in Central Switzerland.

About US

CAP Paragliding has been created by international professional pilots and is exclusively dedicated to tandem flights.

CAP Paragliding Switzerland pilots have undergone extensive training and passed the demanding examination. All our tandem pilots are certified by the SHV (Swiss Free Flying Federation) and authorized to perform tandem flights in Switzerland by the BAZL (Swiss Federal Department of Aviation).
In addition, our pilots are also distinguished by their enormous paragliding know-how and superb flying skills: reasons why our standards of safety and professionalism are of the highest level.

Our top priority is the trust, safety and personal comfort of our guests and thus we can guarantee them top quality and professional service.

Each one of our pilots is dedicated to meeting the specific needs of each passenger, ensuring you have the best possible flying experience!

Toni Eggenschwiler

Toni Eggenschwiler
Managing Director of CAP Paragliding Switzerland
Toni is a Professional Tandem Paragliding Pilot with extensive international experience. He Started Flying more than 20 years ago In Patagonia, Argentina, where he funded one of the first paragliding schools in the country.
In 2002, Toni moved back to Switzerland bringing with him his invaluable expertise in tandem paragliding along with more than 3,400 tandem flights with passengers under his 'wing'.
Along with other professional paragliding pilots with strong and valuable experience, Toni founded CAP Paragliding Switzerland in 2014.

All CAP Paragliding Switzerland pilots hold valid commercial permits issued by the Swiss Free Flight Federation (VHS) and the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), which authorizes them to execute flights in Switzerland.

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